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Kawai Thailand

In 2019, Kawai Thailand is going to organize three different events for young pianists from Thailand and ASEAN countries: ASEAN Piano Competition 2019, and Kawai Piano Showcase 2019. Participants will have an opportunity to perform on a Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concerto Grand during live rounds/performances.

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The 2nd Asean Piano Competition 2019
(Three categories for age 16 and under for ASEAN)

This competition is open to ASEAN applicants as well as foreigners who have lived in Thailand for five years or more. There are three categories: age 9 or under, age 12 or under, and age 16 or under.

Rules & regulations

The 3rd Kawai Showcase 2019
(Three categories for Kawai students)

The showcase is open to Kawai Music School Thailand students, ages 3 to 9, only. This is a great opportunity for young talented Thai pianists to gain on-stage experience and perform live in a concert venue.

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Shigeru Kawai International Piano Competition for age 16 to 26

The competition is open to pianists of all nationalities.

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